About Us

Lush Games is one of the leading game development house in the World. We take pride in developing world class 2D And 3D games, mostly ranked amongst top 100 globally. Our strong competitive streak has helped us cross 200 million user acquisition over a span of few years. We are a fast growing, with presence in UK and Singapore. The organization believes in original content creation thriving on work-hard-play-hard culture. Having management with illustrious global exposure and academics from leading universities across the globe, we aspire to make our mark in the global mobile gaming industry.

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What we do

We have a diverse set of people with skills in art and development, marketing, publishing, cloud deployment, project management and many others that enable us to deliver extraordinary game products on multiple platforms.

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To never stop aspiring the future beyond THE NEXT: becoming a beacon for the fore-generations in the technological premise with novelty, distinction, industry astuteness, research advancement and incredibility in progress by launching opportunities for internal and external stakeholders.

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To cater to our clients with prodigious product line in building, sustaining and expanding them while catering to our global userbase. We do not only intend to bring out seamless game design, level design, monetisation and much more; but set trend for our competitors to guide them on the same.